Pat Luders, Sculptor


                     Pat with "Jim" in clay.

                    Pat with "Jim" in clay.

Imagine working with a sculptor whose love of people first drew her to nursing, a woman who had an unexpected opportunity to return to school in mid-life and was absolutely energized by a passion for sculpture.

Imagine working with a sculptor who considers it an honour to assist a family, community or business celebrate those who have had a positive impact on their lives. Her bronze portraits portray a deep respect for people, their hopes and dreams.


I am grateful for this unexpected avenue of expression, this passion for sculpture that has resettled my husband and I to a beautiful natural setting, given me the energy to plan & build a dream studio by a mountain river and an art that has continues to challenge and fulfill me.

A love of people nurtured in my nursing career drew me to study Classical Bronze Portraiture.  Many of my memorable subjects have been active and engaged seniors, individuals whose contribution to our culture has been amazing.   Chatting with these individuals as they sit for their portrait is an honour. In our busy world it’s also a wonderful gift to have one-on-one time with people who are such amazing role models for our communities and future generations. 

Attempting to portray what my clients are passionate about, what has moved and motivated them is an energizing challenge!  I search for a likeness that hopefully captures the essence of their remarkable contributions to our society, a portrait that portrays their true spirit and vibrancy.  I consider it a privilege to be given the opportunity to create a portrait in bronze.  

For me, art is the way I attempt to express a profound caring about this complex, crazy, wonderful and often very harsh world in which we live. Through my art, I search for ways to give back to my community and to support others in their creative efforts.

I continue to be inspired by the works of Rodin, Claudel and Giacometti and am motivated to keep on learning and doing what gives me so much pleasure.  Using the tools and processes sculptors have used for thousands of years gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and connection with the past..




Pat Luders had never dreamt of being able to attend art school, much less in mid-life, and certainly had no idea that she would develop a passion for sculpture!

Devastating cuts to Health Care in Alberta precipitated a difficult choice to leave a fulfilling career as an Area Manager for Home Care Nursing.  In search of new challenges and meaning, Pat very hesitantly enrolled in the Visual Arts Program at Red Deer College.  An avowed life-long learner, she hoped that her love of working with her hands in hobbies such as gardening, cooking and sewing might translate into something challenging and fulfilling.

Fascinated by this new world at art school, and challenged by writing term papers after a lengthy period away from school, Pat was delighted to make the Dean’s List, the President’s Honour Roll and to be awarded an Art Study Travel Scholarship which took her to galleries in Washington and New York. Exploring big cities alone for the first time was daunting, however it sparked further journeys to galleries in Canada, US and Europe to savour and be inspired by the works of the world’s finest artists.

A spontaneous decision in 2000 prompted Pat and her husband Len to move to a breath-taking acreage in Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. in Canada. After extensive planning and much hard labour, Pat & Len completed a beautiful new sculpture studio with views of the Rockies, the Hoodoos, her 60-foot Chartres labyrinth and the sound of a nearby mountain river!

Her stunning natural surroundings provide constant inspiration as does the creativity of all  artists who record, energize and enrich our world through arts and culture. Extremely supportive husband Len, her 3 children, 7 grandchildren and amazing family and friends have enthusiastically supported her unexpected mid-life journey!

Pat enjoys time with her family and friends, classical & jazz music, photography, cooking, reading about ancient cultures and trying to stay fit for the physical demands of sculpture.

Past works are in public and private collections in Canada, USA and Japan.


Art School in Mid-Life  (shared to encourage others to explore their creativity, no matter their age!)

Beginning art school in mid-life was a life-altering experience for Pat as it was not at all what she expected to be doing in this age an stage.  It turned out to be the perfect time to be back at school as her children were now independent and she had the time and desire to immerse herself in this scary, exhausting and energizing new adventure.
Of all the subjects in art school, Pat was most drawn to working three-dimensionally.  Sculpture won her heart because of the broad range of materials for creating:  plaster, clay, metal, wood and stone all elements of the natural world.  Pat found she enjoyed learning to use the wide range of hand and power tools required for each material, and the challenges in problem solving and combining materials really excited her!
Sculpting portraits in bronze became her chosen pursuit, perhaps because this area of art combined her love and appreciation of people nurtured in her nursing career, with her love of using her hands to create.
The ancient art of lost wax bronze casting process was complex, physically demanding and exciting to learn.  Pat felt very fortunate to be at Red Deer College which had a wonderful faculty, small classes and great casting facilities. These facilities have since been completely modernized.



2013    Invited Artist 2013 Florence Biennale, Italy

2012       Recipient Columbia Basin Trust Grant

2011       Invited artist 2011 Florence Biennale, Italy

2006       Viewer's Choice, Mountain Mosaic Masterpieces, Invermere, BC

2003       Basin Best Award - Columbia Basin Trust Tour June-Nov

2003       Winner - Established Artist Category, "ARTSAROUND", Invermere,BC

2002       Honourable mention, "ARTSAROUND', Kimberley, BC

1997       Ian & Hope Cook Sr Art Study Travel Scholarship to New York and Washington, DC

1997       Red Deer College Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Commitment and Pursuit of Educational Excellence

1997       President's Honour Roll, Red Deer College, AB



2013    Columbia Basin Culture Tour 

2013    "AGOG" Art Gallery of Golden, BC

2013    "Arts Station", Fernie, BC

2012    Columbia Basin Culture Tour

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2006    Mountain Mosaic Masterpieces, Invermere BC

2005    Mountain Mosaic Show and Gala 2005 Pynelogs Grand Reopening Show

2004    Panorama Foundation Mountain Gala

2003    Basin Best Tour - Columbia Basin Trust

2003    Pynelogs Gallery, Invermere BC

2003   Artsaround Regional Art Show, Invermere BC

2003   Presentation of Winn Weir Sculpture to CV Arts Council

2003   Inspired in Spirit Show, Red Deer AB

2002   Artsaround Regional Art Show, Kimberley BC

2002   Pynelogs Gallery, Invermere BC

2001   Pynelogs Gallery, Invermere BC

1997-2000 Year-end student shows, Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta