Pat Luders, Sculptor

Museum presentation

Added on by Pat Luders.

I was delighted with an invitation from the Windermere Valley Museum, to share the bronze-casting process and the creation of the bronze portrait of Jim Ashworth. It was an honour to have Jim sit for me and I'm very grateful to the museum Board for suggesting Jim as a subject!  

For me, Jim embodies the giving spirit of this wonderful valley.  He grew up in the Invermere area, was a pilot in WWII, had a lengthy and distinguished career in the RCAF, and continues to be a role model for us all.  

One day when he was sitting for me, we were looking out my studio window at the Hoodoos which are so inspirational for me and he quietly mentioned that he had donated the land on which they sat to the Nature Conservancy of Canada!  

He is very fit at 94, having just this year giving up curling from the hack!

It was an honour to have Jim in the audience for my presentation to the Museum.


Thanks to Karen Brown for the photo!