Pat Luders, Sculptor

Grateful recipient!

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Sincere thanks to Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance for a grant which assisted in the creation of my two newest bronzes  "Sophie" and "Jim".  

Sophie 4_1895.jpg

It has been a privilege to create a portrait of Chief Sophie Pierre.  Sophie was instrumental in helping to turn the negative memories associated with her former residential school into a positive, thriving resort.  She is the Chief Commissioner of Land Claims for the province of BC, 


Jim Ashworth was a career RCAF pilot.  As a young man he flew Hurricanes in Burma during WW II.  It has been such a pleasure to create a portrait of this very fit, youthful and community spirited gentleman.  During one of our sittings, this very humble man casually mentioned that he had donated the Hoodoo property  to the Nature Conservatory of Canada!  We are extremely grateful as this is the magnificent view from our back deck.