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Adding colour to the Tour

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I am really looking forward to the Columbia Basin Culture Tour coming up in two weeks!  For the first time will have four friends who are wonderful quilters join me to display and sell their creations!  Come and meet Pauline, Sandra, Michelle and Margaret.

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Labyrinth requires a little archeological dig!

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Our hearts go out to all Albertans who were devastated by the recent flooding! Having seen first hand the devastation in Canmore, Calgary and High River, it is truly heart-breaking! 

 Although water in Dutch Creek was the highest in recent memory, damage here was minimal.  We hope to have the Labyrinth restored in time for the Columbia Basin Culture Tour on Aug 10 & 11. A portion of sculpture sales will be donated to flood relief in Alberta.


Jim's first view of his portrait

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On May 9th, it was my honour to drive Jim and his wife Gay to the Art Gallery of Golden.  Jim had not had a chance to view the finished sculpture prior to the start of the gallery show as the bronze was finished just before the show opened.  I think you'll agree with me that this wonderful 94 year old gentleman wears his years exceptionally well!  I have portrayed him as a younger man, perhaps representing the amazing spirit of the young men who served Canada in WW II.  As a pilot in the RCAF, one of the many planes Jim flew was the Hurricane on missions in Burma.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know this very active, community spirited man!

 Jim Ashworth - Portrait in Bronze by Pat Luders

Jim Ashworth - Portrait in Bronze by Pat Luders

Grateful recipient!

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Sincere thanks to Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance for a grant which assisted in the creation of my two newest bronzes  "Sophie" and "Jim".  

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It has been a privilege to create a portrait of Chief Sophie Pierre.  Sophie was instrumental in helping to turn the negative memories associated with her former residential school into a positive, thriving resort.  She is the Chief Commissioner of Land Claims for the province of BC, 


Jim Ashworth was a career RCAF pilot.  As a young man he flew Hurricanes in Burma during WW II.  It has been such a pleasure to create a portrait of this very fit, youthful and community spirited gentleman.  During one of our sittings, this very humble man casually mentioned that he had donated the Hoodoo property  to the Nature Conservatory of Canada!  We are extremely grateful as this is the magnificent view from our back deck.