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Feel free to email Pat Luders with your questions, comments and inquiries at any time. It's always great to receive feedback and hear your thoughts!

Pat Luders, Sculptor
Fairmont Hot Springs, BC
Tel. 250 345 0350


Now accepting Commissions for Spring 2018-summer 2018

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Yes! Hopefully back at it soon.  Long hiatus due to family illness, the death of my dear Mom, and plastic surgery to my hand....



Visiting the Labyrinth

All visitors to the area are welcome to walk the LABYRINTH after which Pat's studio was named.

This 60 ft Chartres labyrinth made of colourful river stones was completed in 2003 and has seen many, many visitors.  It is located on the river plane just below Pat's studio. With sounds of a mountain river and a wonderful view of the Hoodoos and Rocky Mountains, it's the perfect place to unwind.

From primitive beginnings in prehistoric rock to modern day uses in hospitals, schools, churches and public parks, labyrinths continue to fascinate.  They are used for meditation, healing, enhancing creativity and for personal and spiritual growth.

Labyrinth is located in the NW corner of the Dutch Creek subdivision in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC.  There is a trailhead at the west end of Teal Road, and the trail which takes about five minutes, is marked with blue ribbon.

There is also a description of the labyrinth on the "World Wide Labyrinth Locator" on the net.  The Dutch Creek Labyrinth is listed under Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada


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