Pat Luders, Sculptor


Life Sittings at Labyrinth Studio

Life sittings are an essential element in gaining an appreciation and understanding of an individual. Only under very special circumstances will the artist consider doing a portrait from photos alone. 

Subjects sit in a comfortable position and look at a stationary object for short periods of time.  They are most welcome to bring their favourite music, snack or take a walk in our beautiful mountain setting if they want a break.  

The number and length of sittings is tailored to the subject's availability and may be scheduled over a couple of weeks or many months. The project goes through many developmental stages and takes many hours for the artist and foundry to complete, depending on the availability of the subject and the workloads of both artist and foundry.  Clients may wish to receive updates and digital photos via e-mail, between sittings.

Sittings for a bronze portrait may happen at the artist's Labyrinth studio or a location more convenient for the Subject.  If the sittings will be at Labyrinth Studio, the artist would be pleased to assist with accommodation recommendations.  

Photos and key measurements are taken of the Subject on the first meeting and again at subsequent sittings when the Subject may be more relaxed. The Artist uses the photos as a reference between visits.  

Creation of the Portrait begins as the artist roughs out the basic form in clay. With each sitting the clay is refined and adjusted until the artist reaches a point where she feels she has captured the image she is seeking. As slight changes in thought and emotion subtly alter facial expression, it may take a while before the artist settles on just the right the image she wishes to portray. 

When the clay image is acceptable to the Subject and their family, or the individual commissioning the bronze, Pat will proceed to the next stages culminating in the final bronze portrait.

Subjects wishing to relax prior to or after the sitting might enjoy a trek on the nearby trails or a meditative walk through Pat's 60 foot Chartres labyrinth located on the river plain just below her Labyrinth Studio. The trail adjoining the studio leads to a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains, the Hoodoos and Dutch Creek, which is really a mountain river. The Artist’s labyrinth is located on the river plain just below the studio. Directions may be found on Contact page.

Now accepting portrait commissions for Spring 2016 -Summer 2016


  Working on a new portrait

Working on a new portrait



A word about Dogs

Pat has recently been challenged to sculpt Portraits of Dogs in Bronze. She enjoyed the experience very much as these dogs were very special friends for their owners!  Special thanks to our local vet for the loan of texts on canine anatomy!

Guests are welcome to walk their dogs in the studio area and on the trails.  Leashes and "poop bags" are a courtesy to our neighbours.